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Friday, February 18, 2011

Grants Pass Oregon Aquarium Secret

Grants Pass Best Kept Aquarium Supply and Information Secret

While this weblog has long carried links to resources from American Aquarium Products and others, I have not posted an updated article/blog post about what many who keep fish (pond or aquarium) in Grants Pass are missing.

"American Aquarium Products" along with its sister site "Aquarium & Pond Answers" have grown into one of the leaders in cutting edge aquarium products (& some pond too).

As examples, American Aquarium Products is the largest seller of High End Aquarium LED Lights as well as T2 Aquarium/Multi-purpose lights in North America!

American Aquarium Products is also the leader and information about the use of Sponge Filters in aquariums & ponds. Although these are not new filters, the sponge filter fell out of popularity due to a lot of misinformation put forth by big box pet stores and disingenuous online retailers and aquatic forums. However the Sponge Filtration article proved how the the sponge filter beat out many popular power filters such as the Bio Wheel in bio capacity

Another unique product that American Aquarium has led the way in use, researched tests, & internet promoting are the Wonder Shells Aquarium mineral blocks. AAP has been using these unique mineral blocks that have been shown to improve essential positive mineral ion levels for 30 years, yet many right here in Grants Pass are not even familiar with this product.

As well these websites have the most researched aquatic articles found ANYWHERE on the Internet.
Many of these articles such as Aquarium Lighting and Aquarium/Redox Balance have received acclaim from around the world (often from researchers outside the anecdotal aquarium/pond keeping industry).

There are many more affiliates now of American Aquarium/Aquarium Answers, especially in their other field of expertise; UV Sterilization!
American Aquarium Products is an industry leader in both knowledge of UV Sterilizers, Clarifiers as well as having one of the deepest inventories of Premium UV Replacement Bulbs found anywhere (many clients hail from as far away as Australia).

UV Bulbs

UV-C Replacement Bulbs from the experts in UV Sterilization since 1979; ONLY quality UV Replacement Bulbs at competitive prices such as the popular 9 Watt UV Bulb

What is sad, despite the many research experts, visitors of sponsored forums, and regular clients of American Aquarium Products and Aquarium Answers, these websites are still not well known in their home town of Grants Pass Oregon, but for a few rude emails challenging information contained in the researched articles only to buy products from less than reputable sellers such as DR. F & S (which is well known inside the aquarium industry for their less than honest business practices).
It does not help when the local paper (the Grants Pass Courier, AKA the "Daily Discourager") ignores their home town aquatic experts when doing a story about poisonous fish a few years back only to get their facts wrong (of course the media nationwide are on a downhill slide).

Hopefully many aquarium/pond keepers will wake up to the internet leader in aquatic information/products in their own back yard before they are lured away (offers have already come in from New Jersey and Texas)to move these internet business base of operations to these states.

Here are a few other popular articles:

Aquarium Information
Basic to in-depth aquarium and pond articles.

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle
The most accurate, researched, updated article on the subject of the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle and cycling found anywhere on the Internet!

Freshwater Fish Care, Basics
Sound basic freshwater keeping information from someone with decades of aquarium keeping experience with links to more in depth information for those looking to step up in their aquarium keeping knowledge.

Aquarium Medications
the MOST in depth and accurate source of information about aquarium treatments, from antibiotics, chemical, to organic treatments and most importantly how to properly use them!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oregon Shark Cam; Also Wobbegong Shark Tanks

Shark Cam brings Coast Aquarium to life on the Web



Oregon Coast Aquarium, Passages of the Deep The KGW "Shark Cam" is a partnership with the Oregon Coast Aquarium, providing a fish-eye view into the Aquarium's "Passages of the Deep" exhibit.

Web visitors to can now enjoy the same experience as Visitors to the Oregon Coast Aquarium, who are immersed in Keiko’s former home through acrylic tunnels surrounded by several feet of sea water. "Passages of the Deep" gives visitors an experience almost like walking into the open ocean.

Visitors get to come face to face with large sharks, rockfish and bat rays swimming above and below. Waves surging against the tunnel give visitors the impression they are beneath the ocean. And the Oregon shipwreck resting on the bottom increases the feeling of being early undersea explorers.

Now viewers of the KGW "Shark Cam" can enjoy that same experience: an up-close view of sharks, rockfish and bat rays swimming across the desktop of their computer!

This is a really cool place to visit, and now you can visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium from your home via the Shark Cam!!

For Home Shark Tanks

Here are a few points from my Experience:
*Make sure your aquarium is large enough for the shark to easily swim around, often this means a saltwater aquarium in excess of 200 gallons
*Consider temperature; a popular shark sold for the aquarium hobby, the Leopard Shark, is a cool water fish (under 70F) and this along with the fact these will eventually outgrow most aquariums.
*Consider Feeding Requirements; large meaty foods like small pieces of fish, squid, shrimp, and live goldfish (although I have found disabling the goldfish with a cut just behind the head will both attract the shark and allow the shark which has trouble tracking scent trails in a boxed in aquarium is strongly suggested)
*Consider the Tasselled wobbegong (48 inch max) or Northern wobbegong (30 inch max), as these sharks do not obtain the larger sizes of many sharks sold for aquarium keeping PLUS these sharks prefer the warmer waters of the average home or office aquarium (over 75F)

Tasselled Wobbegong Shark for Hone Marine Aquarium

View Shark Cam:
Shark Cam

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Shark washes up on Oregon Coast

Dolphin, shark, other 'oddities' wash up along Oregon Coast


Saltwater, Marine FishLast week’s stormy weather at the Oregon Coast led to some unusual finds on the beach over the weekend, Seaside Aquarium staff said Tuesday.

Beachcombers found a dolphin, a porpoise, a shark and a rare fish.

“All died recently, and thanks to enormous west winds, blew up onshore with the storms,” said aquarium spokeswoman Tiffany Boothe.

The long-beaked dolphin was the first dolphin that aquarium staff have ever seen wash up in the area, even though they are common to Oregon coastal waters, Boothe said. It measured about 5 and 1/2 feet long.

The salmon shark was only about 3 and 1/2 feet long and is a type of shark often mistaken for great whites, although great whites are larger by a foot or more in length.

Someone also reported finding a mola mola -- ocean sun fish -- which are rarely spotted on the north coast.

The washed-up porpoise measured about 2 and 1/2 feet long.

Another beachcomber, Terry Morse of Newport, found a bunch of odd jellyfish, some of which were still alive, he discovered, when he took them back home and put them in a petri dish to study them under a microscope. They began swimming again when put in sea water.


Not much I can say here except for this is a sad but interesting story

Recommended Aquatic Information:

Aquarium Lighting

The VERY BEST and most researched Aquarium Light information available on the internet.

Recommended Aquatic Products:

UV Bulbs

Optimum 254nm High Output µW/cm2 UV-C Hot Cathode Quartz Germicidal Lights

Monday, April 16, 2007

Steelhead will test the waters

Steelhead will test the waters -A half century after the dams, a reintroduction comes to fruition
By Kate Ramsayer / The Bulletin
Published: April 14. 2007 5:00AM PST

The pioneers now lie in trays in a hatchery north of Maupin, little more than a big eye and a yolk. But in a few weeks, once these summer steelhead eggs have hatched into tiny fry and used up the energy from the yolk, they'll be trucked to Whychus Creek downstream of Sisters and released. As they settle into the slow-moving side channels and backwaters of the creek, they will be the first steelhead to swim above Lake Billy Chinook since the Pelton Round Butte dam complex was constructed about half a century ago.

And they'll be the first test of whether more than a decade of planning by numerous agencies will enable ocean-going fish to migrate from and return to the Upper Deschutes Basin.

"We're certainly really, really excited about the reintroduction on all fronts," said Steven Marx, interim Deschutes District watershed manager with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

"The big thing is it's been 50 years since waters upstream from Pelton Dam have seen summer steelhead."

aquarium information, help, advice, articles

For the full article, please click above.

Comment: this an interesting article, well worth reading in its entirety.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Central Point might give exotic pets the boot

Central Point might give exotic pets the boot -An ordinance banning nontraditional critters in the city is under discussion tonight at 7

By buffy pollock
for the Mail Tribune

CENTRAL POINT — Exotic pets ranging from wolves to raccoons to large snakes could be banned in town under a new ordinance before the City Council.

The council will consider the animal ordinance at 7 tonight in City Hall, 140 S. Third St., Central Point.

The proposed law would allow existing pets to be grandfathered in if they are registered with city code enforcement officials by March 12.

The current policy on keeping pets came under scrutiny after neighbors of Blue Grass Downs homeowner Nick Kessler complained about Kessler's pet bobcat, Kona. The Kessler family moved into the subdivision — across from a city park — last summer.

For the full article, please click above.


Not really an aquarium or pond story, but considering snakes are being considered, many fish can be thrown into this ban as well. Not that we don not need boundaries on which pets we can keep and not keep, it is possible as in some local and state governments to go too far, especially when bad information is used such as California’s statement that Piranha would populate the water ways (which is not true even for Piranha, as this fish will die off in water below 60-65 F, which there in not a body off water even in LA that does not get this cold in the winter.

BASIC AQUARIUM PRINCIPLES; Information for the proper set up, maintenance, care and feeding for freshwater aquariums

For a great Aquatics Forum where Everything Aquatic is discussed:

Friday, December 15, 2006

Drs. Foster and Smith Saddles Up New Horse Supplies Category

Drs. Foster & Smith Saddles Up New Horse Supplies Category
-Not really Grants Pass related, but since many who read this are online shoppers I thought I would comment.

Unfortunately my comment is not good. I do not know how this company did business in the beginning, but based on my customer feedback (And I am mostly referring to my previous Pet Store customers mostly), they gave poor customer service with lack of true knowledge (which became a reason for many aquarium maintenance service calls) and support for products sold such as the Aquarium Cleaning Machine or Submariner UV Sterilizer.
This place also often sold poor quality or out of date merchandise according to my customers.
Currently customers have stated that they carry the less than desirable, aquarium pumps, filters, LED Aquarium Lights, and along with some good UVs cheap poorly made UV Sterilizers (Aqua Medic) that will give UVs a bad name.

Admittedly this is based on "here-say", but reliable "here-say", and I can vouch for the poor quality of Marineland, and Hagen power heads and especially the really poor quality of Aqua Medic. I can also state that in my opinion it is dishonest when a web site does not have a clear shipping price and policy link and the only way to find this is to go through the checkout process (which most customers when then purchase, even if they think the shipping is too high). And does not have an easy link to such.

For me this in my opinion is once again frustrating to watch companies such as this grow while honest companies that often operate on razor thin margins by selling quality products and by quality staffing are ignored by the buying public. Partly due to the general apathy that has swept over our Great Country.

12/30/06 Here is an addition to this post;
I was visiting Yahoo Answers (this is a really poor forum for good advice, but I visit regularly to help where I can), I found a post inquiring as to where Spirulina Flake may be found, and Dr. Fosters and Smith was listed as a place to get this product. I followed the link and all Dr. Fosters and Smith had was a very poor quality Tetra Spirulina flake that has spirulina way down on it's list of ingredients, as compared to the Spirulina 20 which I recommend which has this ingredient as #1.
This is typical, people are basically lazy and will go to web sites or store based on image rather than knowledge or quality.
What a sad point this is.

*Aquarium Lighting

*Aquarium Filtration, Filters Information

Carl Strohmeyer