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Friday, December 15, 2006

Drs. Foster and Smith Saddles Up New Horse Supplies Category

Drs. Foster & Smith Saddles Up New Horse Supplies Category
-Not really Grants Pass related, but since many who read this are online shoppers I thought I would comment.

Unfortunately my comment is not good. I do not know how this company did business in the beginning, but based on my customer feedback (And I am mostly referring to my previous Pet Store customers mostly), they gave poor customer service with lack of true knowledge (which became a reason for many aquarium maintenance service calls) and support for products sold such as the Aquarium Cleaning Machine or Submariner UV Sterilizer.
This place also often sold poor quality or out of date merchandise according to my customers.
Currently customers have stated that they carry the less than desirable, aquarium pumps, filters, LED Aquarium Lights, and along with some good UVs cheap poorly made UV Sterilizers (Aqua Medic) that will give UVs a bad name.

Admittedly this is based on "here-say", but reliable "here-say", and I can vouch for the poor quality of Marineland, and Hagen power heads and especially the really poor quality of Aqua Medic. I can also state that in my opinion it is dishonest when a web site does not have a clear shipping price and policy link and the only way to find this is to go through the checkout process (which most customers when then purchase, even if they think the shipping is too high). And does not have an easy link to such.

For me this in my opinion is once again frustrating to watch companies such as this grow while honest companies that often operate on razor thin margins by selling quality products and by quality staffing are ignored by the buying public. Partly due to the general apathy that has swept over our Great Country.

12/30/06 Here is an addition to this post;
I was visiting Yahoo Answers (this is a really poor forum for good advice, but I visit regularly to help where I can), I found a post inquiring as to where Spirulina Flake may be found, and Dr. Fosters and Smith was listed as a place to get this product. I followed the link and all Dr. Fosters and Smith had was a very poor quality Tetra Spirulina flake that has spirulina way down on it's list of ingredients, as compared to the Spirulina 20 which I recommend which has this ingredient as #1.
This is typical, people are basically lazy and will go to web sites or store based on image rather than knowledge or quality.
What a sad point this is.

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Carl Strohmeyer

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