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Thursday, April 05, 2018

Best Aquarium & Pond Fish Products, Grants Pass Oregon

Best Aquarium and Pond Fish Products, Grants Pass Oregon


Looking for the best aquarium supplies/products anywhere in the world, that are available right here in Grants Pass & Southern Oregon?
Look no further than American Aquarium Products!

With decades of experience and research AAP (American Aquarium Products) has the largest research/experience based library of information found anywhere in the world.
With this research comes unique products such as one of the few businesses still selling professional grade true UV Sterilizers for your pond or aquarium that are light years ahead in ability and longevity over the more commonly sold Chinese models.

World's Largest Aquarium/Pond Information Library
AAP/TMC Vecton/Advantage True Level One UV Sterilizers

AAP also sell the unique Wonder Shell, both medicated and regular version which helps fish longevity and health via addressing the Redox Balance of your aquarium. Redox is a process often only advanced aquarium keepers think about, but really all aquarium (& pond keepers) should be aware of this process and products that can help with this.

The Importance of Aquarium Redox
Unique AAP Wonder Shells

As well AAP sell the BEST processed fish food in the world as per the science of fish nutrition. This is Clay Neighbor's AAP Custom Fish Food Crumbles.

Resource: Clay Neighbor's Ultra Premium Fish Food

Another product line of note is our medication/treatment line which beside the Medicated Wonder Shells, includes the AAP Aquatronics line such as Wound Control and Spectrogram. These are just two of the products you cannot find anywhere else in the world but for AAP.

Aquarium Medications, In Depth Information; Part 1
Unique AAP Aquatronics Aquarium Medications/Treatments

How to purchase?
AAP has these orders available online or more popularly via our Cash & Carry service where by customers purchase online than pick up at our warehouse and have any shipping refunded.
AAP also sells products from our Fish Food to our top notch LED lighting line via local retailers for those who prefer the hands on experience of a brick & mortar local aquarium store. Simply ask if they sell AAP products here in Grants Pass and they can quickly get these products.

Local Sales American Aquarium Products, Grants Pass Oregon

Best Aquarium and Pond Fish Products, Grants Pass Oregon

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Southern Oregon Aquarium & Pond

New pond and aquarium specialist company in the Southern Oregon area! From pond building to the long-term maintenance… Aquarium care and disease prevention.

Devon Trigg owner of Southern Oregon Aquarium and Pond (SOAP) established in 2016, is an expert in aquatic care with health and prevention being his focus. License and insured!

Trained from life time professionals in the industry. Helps run completely online aquatic business educating hobbyist about the importance of professional grade equipment, the use of UVc clarifiers/sterilizers, quality fish diets, quality light sources for aquatic plants and corals. Has experience working with retailers, wholesalers, corporations, and universities. Involved with research and testing, which has been used to influence both the hobby and industry. Also has YouTube channel used as platform to help visually teach.

For ponds, uses actual pond building and maintaining skills that have been passed down from life time pond workers, Different than many landscaping and pool companies. Advanced aquarium skills are used to keep water perfectly balances for any type of thieving aquarium. Fish only to advanced reef… Simple freshwater to high tech planted aquariums.

Now servicing all of Southern Oregon for maintenance and build help. Also offering help to all local fish stores. Involved with developing high grade premium fish food made from the smartest minds in fish health. Not just fish breeders or aquaculture food developers meant to grow fish fast and large, which can harm long term health.

Appointment consultations can be scheduled. Time can also be scheduled at the local warehouse base where business is done from. Discuss planning and explore professional techniques and products.

Information Resource

YouTube Resource

Product Resource

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lionfish found at sunken ship off the coast of Florida

Red Lionfish (Pterois volitans) found at sunken ship 300 feet below surface off the coast of Florida


*Stephanie Green, of Oregon State University

Researchers say they found the venomous invader thriving around a sunken ship at 300 feet below the water's surface.

Oregon State University researcher Stephanie Green stated:
"We expected some populations of lionfish at that depth, but their numbers and size were a surprise"

Last month, Green and colleagues investigated the seafloor near Fort Lauderdale, Fla., in a deep-diving Antipodes sub.
At 300 feet deep, the team witnessed a large number of the spiny fish near the intentionally sunken Bill Boyd cargo ship, an artificial reef created in 1986.

While lionfish are typically between 12 and 15 inches long, the Oregon State researchers say they saw unusually large specimens as big as 16 inches long.

Lionfish in sunken ship

Stephanie Green noted: "This was kind of an 'Ah hah!' moment.
It was immediately clear that this is a new frontier in the lionfish crisis, and that something is going to have to be done about it. Seeing it up-close really brought home the nature of the problem."

Native to tropical Indo-Pacific waters, lionfish were introduced to the Atlantic by humans in the 1990s, likely through the exotic pet trade. Now found in reefs from North Carolina to South America, the rapidly reproducing invasive fish have voracious appetites, gobbling up native fish and competing with other species for food resources.

Worse, lionfish have no natural enemies in Atlantic waters, except spear gun-toting humans.
Another study, detailed online July 11 in the journal PLOS ONE, found that not even sharks can curb red lionfish populations in Caribbean reefs.

Researchers are trying to figure out what is keeping lionfish in check in the Pacific so that they might stem the Atlantic invasion, which thus far has looked to be unstoppable. Prepared correctly, lionfish are said to make a tasty meal, but one prick from the fish's venomous spine can cause excruciating pain. Lionfish derbies to bring in big catches of the predator have been held in Florida and the Caribbean.

Stephanie Green also noted: "A lionfish will eat almost any fish smaller than it is. Regarding the large fish we observed in the submersible dives, a real concern is that they could migrate to shallower depths as well and eat many of the fish there. And the control measures we're using at shallower depths — catch them and let people eat them — are not as practical at great depth."

Lionfish also can produce far more offspring when they are large. A big, mature female in some species can have up to 10 times as many offspring as a female that's half its size, researchers say.


Not too much I can say here other than as a person who has kept many Lionfish (& have been stung by them), in particular this species, one needs to be aware of the native waters and what can live or not by dumping your fish in the ocean, rivers, lakes, etc.

Obviously in the case of these tropical Lionfish, these would not survive even a short while in the waters off the coast of Oregon due to the temperature of our coastal water, but even then dumping these fish would still be a cruel way to dispose of your unwanted pets.

Other Credits, Resources:
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*Red Lionfish Care

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*Reef Aquarium UV Sterilizers
*Aquarium Sponge Filters

Monday, April 08, 2013

Tsunami Fish, Striped Beakfish in Washington

A small skiff was found washed ashore near Long Beach, Washington in March 2013. This skiff contained 5 knifejaw or striped beak fish, a palm-sized fish tropical fish. The Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife euthanized most of them, out of likely misguided fears that the fish would become an invasive species (these are a TROPICAL fish, unlike the ocean waters of Washington State).

However one of the black-and-white striped fish was taken to the Long Beach City Hall where employees there in turn called the Seaside Aquarium, which came to the rescue.

This fish now resides at the Seaside Aquarium in Oregon:
200 North Prom, Seaside, Oregon 97138 Tel: (503) 738-6211.

This skiff was possibly lost in the Japanese tsunami in March of 2011, the boat reportedly has a registration number from a region where the tsunami hit (not as yet confirmed by the Japanese government).

The boat also contained several other forms of sea life including marine worms, crabs, scallops, a sea cucumber and marine algae, making it a reasonable substainable miniature ecosystem for the fish but for the temperature.

Considering the stripes on this particular rescued striped beak fish, it is likely this fish is immature. Mature beakfish turn a charcoal grey, and are considered a prized food fish in Japan.

A few Specifics:

Scientific Name: Oplegnathus fasciatus
Size; 80.0 cm, 31 inches.
Weight; at maturity 6.4 kg, 14 lbs.
Habitat; Inhabits tropical coastal rocky reefs
Diet; shelled invertebrates
Distribution; Northwest Pacific: Japan, Korea, Taiwan. Eastern Central Pacific: Hawaii.


*Oplegnathus fasciatus (Temminck & Schlegel, 1844)
*Striped beakfish spearfishing in Japan

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