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Thursday, February 18, 2021

USA Made Aquarium Sponge Filters

Aquarium Sponge Filter | AAP-ATI | Replacement Hydro Sponges

COMPLETE Line of THE BEST, Patented HydroSponge Filters (Originally from Lustar) Superior to ALL OTHERS for Biological and Mechanical Aquarium Filtration.

AAP USA Made Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter

AAP is THE Online seller with In Depth Sponge Filter Information and 3 Decades Hands on Experience Using these Filters.

Why purchase Chinese made rip offs of this sponge filter often sold under different names and often without the full line when you can purchase the ORIGINAL USA made AAP Hydro Sponge Filter?
Sadly, may of these rip offs only come in one type, often the coarse sponge which in 2/3s of aquariums is the wrong choice over the regular/fine sponge (often both is best).

It is also unfortunate that social media along Google/YouTube promote information/videos that make the claim "all you need to know about sponge filters" where by these videos & articles clearly have no long term practical experience with actual sponge filter use, otherwise they would note that most aquariums are served by a mix of coarse and fine and if it comes down to one or the other, again fine is more often than not the better choice.
As well these same videos promote the inferior Chinese know offs over the USA made AAP Hydro sponge filters that come in vastly more options!!

Hydro Sponge Aquarium Filter

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