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Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Longevity of your Pet

The Longevity of your Pet Could be Affected by its Diet More than any Other Factor -What are we really feeding our pets? What pet manufacturers don't want us to know.

Kansas City, MO (PRWeb) February 23, 2007-- Don't be fooled by those slick ads on TV run by the major brands of your favorite dog and cat foods says entrepreneur/direct marketer John Karstetter. You've heard the expression, "You are what you eat?" It is especially true for pets. Like humans, pets may also be lacking in a daily nutritious, antioxidant and digestible diet.

Most pet foods sold today contain the 5 D's… dead, diseased, dying, disabled and drugged animals. Also included in the ingredients labeled as byproducts are animal intestines and brains, chicken heads, duck bills, fish heads, chicken and turkey feet, hides, feathers, hair, bones, dead animals that may have been treated with antibiotics or hormones, beef tallow or animal fat (lard), animal digest and "road kill".

For the full article, please click above.

proper fish food, nutrition


Not really an aquarium or pond story, however I have been to many dog and cat food nutrition seminars when I was more involved in the Dog and Cat aspect of the Pet industry and I have to concur.

I also would like to note that this is also a common problem in most fish diets as many aquarist unknowingly throw trash foods such as TetraMin or BettaMin down their fish throats and then wonder why they have sick fish (such as the disease Dropsy) or their aquarium gets cloudy.

For more information about fish nurtrition, please visit this article:
Quality Fish Food; What ingredients are needed for proper fish nutrition, growth and health.

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